Dueamori, Italian for “two loves”, is the name we gave to the olive oil product we created in April of 2019 resulting from two of our loves. The first is our love of Fredericksburg and the surrounding Hill Country where we spend a lot of time visiting fantastic Texas wineries. The second is our love of “light dinners”…cheese, meat, bread, olive oil and a couple glasses of wine.

On a Sunday afternoon in March, we were talking about all the food that would go great with the wines we purchased which turned into a conversation about the seasonings and then a “what if” conversation about adding seasonings to olive oil based on the kind of wine we were drinking. The next day Diane made the first batch. It was Italian and it was incredible! She followed it up with 3 more flavors; butter garlic, pepper steak and spicy red.  

After a lot of family taste tests and a few with friends, it was time to see what consumers thought. We had that opportunity on May 4, 2019 when Craig & Beth Pinkley let us set up in their winery, Pilot Knob, in Taylor, TX. Customers tasted, liked and bought it. We sold 19 bottles that day and got the validation we needed to officially launch this new chapter in our lives.

So when you purchase a bottle of our product, know that you’re getting something created from start to finish with the love of two…Dueamori.

Thanks and enjoy!
Nathan & Diane McCray